Milun Mitrović was born December 15, 1922, in Rujevica, Sokobanja municipality, Serbia. He completed his four-year secondary school in 1937, and Teacher-Training School in Belgrade in 1943. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1947, where he was taught by Vasa Pomorišac, Ivan Tabaković and Marko Čelebonović. From 1948—1951 he was an associate in the Master Workshop of Professor Milo Milunović, where mural techniques were studied. He obtained his master’s degree in the field of wall painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1972.

In 1950 he participated in study trips to Italy organised by the Master Workshop. As a scholarship holder of the ‘Moša Pijade’ Fund, he spent two months in Paris and London 1958—59.

He became a member of the Serbian Painters’ Association (ULUS) in 1948 and that same year exhibited at the VIl ULUS exhibition. In 1951 he became a member of the Independents group and from 1957—58 of the Group 57. From 1963—82 he worked as a Professor of the Pedagogical College (Group for Art Education). From 1976—82 he was a professor of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade (Group for Film and Television). He was a member of the presidency of art teachers of Yugoslavia and a member of the international art pedagogues association (INSA). He published a book on teaching art, Form and Design (Forma i oblikovanje), in 1977, with further editions printed in 1979, 1987 and 1990.

He has shown his works at exhibitions of ULUS, the group of Independents (1951—54), Group 57 (1957—58), at the 1, 11 and 111 Yugoslav Triennials and at the October Salon exhibitions of Belgrade. He participated in and showed his work at exhibitions of art colonies in Sićevo, Čačak, Ečka, Senta, Bačka Topola and Bečej. He exhibited at the 1962 Nadežda Petrović Memorial, Atelier 61 (tapestries), ULUS exhibitions within inter-republican exchange programmes, Art Meetings in Subotica, ULUS shows of drawings and small plastics and the exhibition: the National Liberation War in the Works of Artists of Yugoslavia, at exhibitions of art teachers of Yugoslavia and Serbia, exhibitions of the Yugoslav Portrait in Tuzla (1983 and 1986) and the II Yugoslav Biennial of Watercolours in Karlovac (1981). His work has also been on show in the Modern Gallery of the Yugoslav Academy of Arts and Science in Zagreb (1963), the Modern Gallery in Ljubljana (1965 and 1967), the Modern Gallery in Zadar — Blue Salon (1968) and the Sixth Decade exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in Belgrade.

He has had 36 independent exhibitions in the country, of which seven in Belgrade (1955, 1956, 1963, 1968, 1974, 1986 retrospective, and 1990).

His works represented Yugoslav art at an exhibition in Vienna in 1955—56 (Group of Yugoslav Artists), at exhibitions in Oslo and Trondheim in 1957 (Ten Yugoslav Artists), and in the same year, at exhibitions organised by the Commission for Foreign Cultural Cooperation, at exhibitions in Bucharest, Edinburgh, Montreal, New York and Chicago. In 1967 he took part in exhibitions of Yugoslav modern art in Damascus, Beirut and Tripoli. In 1976 he exhibited together with other painters in New York (Some Tendencies of Belgrade Artists), and in several West German cities — Stuttgart, Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Cologne (Belgrade Landscapists).

He was awarded the Order of Labour with gold wreath by the decision of the Presidency of the SFRJ in 1980. Since 1945 he has lived and worked in Belgrade, He passed away in 2010.