The High Modernism Of Milun Mitrovic’s Art

[…] The paintings of Milun Mitrović are poetic in value. Setting aside their formal features – be they abstract or figurative, expressive or analytical, aimed at exploring blots or acci­dental traces or precise verisms – fixed in them are poetic constellations, conditions, and phenomena that essentially mark the human condition. Mitrović’s painting is formed after the natural processes, according to the laws of large cycles. His approach to his subject is always cyclical – he constantly returns to his sources, to the biases of his inspi­ration to surge forward. Phenomena of thought and feeling – like the phenomena of nature – encircle his poetics. In them, there are melancholy, crucial states and items of the natural world, man as molded by nature, the elements, cos­mic energy, and his conditioning. […]

[…] Milun Mitrović personifies the authentic experience of a Modernist. His work sums up the achievements of Modernism, because he passed through many of its stages – from Impressionism and Expressionism to Abstract Art. Thus, he is not only an authentic Modernist, whose opus confirms the choices and the sources of the avant-garde, but also an extremely honest and rare artist who under­stood Modernism in the same way as its originators. Like Klee, Miro, Giacometti, Malyevich, Lisicky, Ed Reinhardt, Hans Hartung, and Barnett Newman, he considered art a testing ground of ideas, a field for the expression of firm positions, hard knowledge, and of experience acquired through hardship, to be defended with even greater hard­ship and persistence from the irresponsible nomadism of trend-setters, and the frivolous and doubtful forms of (Post) Modernism. […]